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你正在为你的单身派对寻找一个刺激的周末吗? Planning a 丹佛的单身派对 变得更简单了. Over the years 超级跑车AG体育赛事 has entertained 100’s of Bachelor party groups.

开着价值数百万美元的超级跑车穿越落基山脉, 绝对是香蕉! 我们想让它成为你的派对永远不会忘记的回忆. 可负担的团体价格和价格适合各种预算, 我们相信我们能让这一天成为史诗般的一天! 你可以停止寻找丹佛单身派对的想法,因为你已经找到了! 现在就预约你的约会!



Bachelor parties have a reputation for being raunchy and raucous but when it comes down to it, 单身派对 really about a groom-to-be or bride-to-be celebrating a momentous occasion with his/her closest friends and family. Here's how to make sure your (or your partner's) bachelor(ette) bash goes off without a hitch. 丹佛的单身派对可真有意思. 让我们来告诉你怎么做.

我们接待各种规模的团体, 单个拉力赛旅行团最多可容纳8辆超级跑车和18名参与者.



  • 确保人们在开车前不喝酒.

  • 算出费用,然后在每个参加聚会的人中间平均分摊.

  • Always remember to take pictures so the groom/bride has keepsakes - AG体育赛事’s two staff photographers handle this part for you!

住宿 & 运输

我们没有往返酒店的班车,只有B航班&Bs etc. 所以,如果你是从外州来的,一定要注意交通工具! Uber, Lyft等. 总是一个安全的赌注吗!

  • 大型团体的交通可以通过豪华轿车公司预订, 谁提供汽车?, 小型巴士或更大的车辆可以载着大群人游览城镇.

  • 当你预订酒店的时候, 想想它离活动有多远, 从一个到另一个有多容易, 谁想和别人合住.

你的单身派对超级跑车可以包括:兰博基尼Huracan Spyder, Ferrari 488, McLaren 570S, McLaren 600 LT, 阿斯顿马丁Vantage, 还有更多!


在你的旅程中,你可以驾驶价值高达300万美元的超级跑车, tours ranging from 30 Miles to half day trips traveling 105 Miles through the Rocky Mountains. 我们价值数百万美元的活动中心距离科罗拉多州丹佛市中心仅25分钟路程.


你应该在婚礼前一个月安排主要活动, 至少, 提前一周安排, 最好是在周末.

有些外地的人不能参加, 但如果他们真的想出席,他们可以利用事先通知来制定计划.

我们不需要提前通知, but we do suggest at least 7-1o days to ensure you get your choice of cars and there is enough availability to accomodate your group!

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别把事情弄得太复杂了! You can read through our Bachelor Party planning guide or… you can make the smart decision and plan your weekend using an all-inclusive package with Denver Bachelor Party Experience. 说真的,你们会省下一大笔钱 & 在丹佛好好享受单身派对吗! 如果你的任务是这个周末的计划, 你会看起来像“单身派对”的策划神. 我们对他们的套餐价格如此实惠感到震惊. Some of the “perks” 我们喜欢包括 FREE LIMO service. 获得一些最不可思议的目的-在丹佛设计派对屋. 在最热门的俱乐部提供VIP服务, 比如专门为DBE策划的私人大麻之旅, 还有很多, 我们将让他们告诉你关于“科罗拉多州丹佛市终极单身汉体验”的一切。.



Pick a date. 选择一个适合新郎、伴郎和你自己的聚会日期. You should choose a date in the two weeks before the wedding if possible – choosing a Friday or Saturday will make the bachelor party easier for anyone who has to work on weekdays.

  • Keep in mind locations for the party and how busy they’ll be at the time of year you’re going to visit.

和新郎谈谈他想要什么. Make sure you have clear ideas about what activities the groom prefers and where he wants the party to be. 了解他希望聚会有什么样的基调,以及他未来的配偶想要什么.

  • As an example, 问问他想不想去脱衣舞俱乐部, 或者如果他想完全避免这种活动. 如果答案是否定的, then you need to make it extremely clear to all the guests that the party will not involve strippers or other women.

Set a budget. 除了新郎之外,每个人都应该参加聚会, 但是作为伴郎,你要负责预定和支付大部分的费用. Figure out what’s affordable for you and for the groomsmen and other friends to contribute, 然后设定一个数字.

  • For example, 新郎可能真的很想去太空飞行, 但这可能超出了你的预算, 你可以降级到跳伞之类的运动.

  • Keep in mind that travel costs like flights, trains or driving should be included in the budget.

  • 一旦你算出了每个人的负担能力, 你可以为聚会的每人定一个价格, 比如每人300美元.

选择主要活动. Make a list of possible activities and narrow them down to budget-friendly options that the groom would prefer. Try and avoid anything insanely dangerous or activities that will go wrong if you’re drinking.

  • 你的清单可以包括活动和运动,比如高尔夫球, waterskiing, 沙滩排球, wine tasting, paintballing, 激流漂流, a large dinner, 晚上去城里玩, 或者露营旅行.

  • 不合理的危险活动可能包括定点跳伞, cave diving, 猎野猪, 或者晚上在城镇或城市的一个非常危险的地方外出.

  • 尽量避免像卡丁车这样的活动, 骑摩托车, 如果你打算喝酒,可以租条船或打猎.

制作宾客名单. 包括所有的伴郎以及新郎的好同学, 友好的男同事, 男性亲属,如兄弟和近亲. 你还应该邀请未来配偶身边的年轻男性家庭成员.

  • 如果你不确定邀请某人是否合适, 比如新郎的父亲, 然后在这样做之前和新郎确认一下.

  • 在发出邀请之前,你应该把最后的宾客名单交给新郎批准.

  • 发送邀请. 发出参加聚会的请柬. 一定要在请柬上注明聚会地点, 什么时候呢?, 以及对你的强制性回复.

  • Keep an organized record of who you’ve invited and who RSVPs so that you have numbers for the party. You can do this handwritten or keep a typed spreadsheet or word document of the information.


它是当今美国最适合居住的地方之一, 丹佛的中心位置也使它成为你下一个单身派对的好去处.

This city of 3 million people is virtually bursting at the seams with a variety of world-class entertainment and tourism venues, and increasing numbers of best men and others are selecting Denver for their bachelor party.

After all, where else can you and your buddies go but Denver to join the “Mile High Club” without ever leaving the ground?

 来帮助你开始, this guide provides an overview of the things you can see and do in Denver during your visit, and some solid insider tips and how to enjoy yourself to the fullest while still staying out of the doghouse.



尽管普遍的误解与此相反,丹佛并不是一个 mountain city (in fact, 开车到最近的落基山脉大约需要一个小时),但它的海拔为5,279 feet above sea level means that there will be some mountainous driving involved in reaching this destination. 幸运的是,丹佛在美国的中心位置.S. makes it possible to drive there is a few hours or a couple of days from most places in the country.


预订航班时要选择 丹佛国际机场 (机场代码:DEN)作为您的目的地机场.  从机场开车大约30分钟(假设不是高峰时间).  根据季节的不同,飞往丹佛的航班是最便宜的. For instance, round-trip tickets from Los Angeles International to DEN begin at just over one hundred bucks and from just $210 from John F. 纽约肯尼迪机场.  一定要使用priceline.com to book your flights as they always seem to have the best prices and flight options available.


工作经历: 12人专车服务低至99美元/小时

Getting Around

如果你要飞往丹佛, there are public and charter buses as well as hotel shuttles available at the airport to take you and your buddies to your hotel. 同样,拼车服务也可以使用.  Our recommendation would be to either take a ride sharing service like Uber (make sure you get the XL if you have a large group). 

BEST OPTION:  从我们丹佛单身汉体验的合伙人那里租一辆豪华轿车 骑在时髦的地方. They have a limo that accommodate groups of up to 12 people and their rates are ridiculously inexpensive! 或者如果你不是大酒鬼,你可以租一辆车.  如果你预算有限,你也可以在超级航天飞机上抢几个座位.

Things to Do

Because it has so much to offer, deciding what to do during your visit to Denver is challenging. 一方面,一方面, sports fans are in for a big treat during their visit to Denver because it is only one of two American cities (Philadelphia is the other) that has seven professional sports teams (NFL Denver Broncos; NBA Denver Nuggets; NHL Colorado Avalanche; MLB Colorado Rockies; MLL Colorado Outlaws; MLS Colorado Rapids; and NLL Colorado Mammoth).

另一方面, Denver stands out as the leading city in the country for the types and quality of beers they offer. In addition, Denver is literally a hub for exciting day-trips to incredible hiking and mountain excursions. Likewise, 作为少数几个娱乐性大麻合法化的州之一, 丹佛提供了一些合法的活动,包括分享草药. 请在我们之后再做那个体验!

With an average of 300 days of sunshine each year and numerous world-class museums and other cultural attractions, the activities described below are just the tip of Denver’s entertainment iceberg but these listings should provide you with a good idea concerning what is available depending on your party guests’ preferences.